Structural macro-economic analysis to uncover global trends, with an emphasis on emerging markets – in a nutshell, that’s what we do.

There is a lot that academia and Wall Street can learn from each other, but they are collectively still far too reluctant to do so. We judiciously employ structural economic theories to unravel the mysteries of the world, while keeping real world frictions in mind.

This approach has allowed us to navigate extremely tricky markets, like the ones in early 2015 when we didn’t think either a US recession or a China devaluation were likely, and therefore advocated a strong position for Emerging Markets. Or further back in 2012 when we were the first on the street to spot trouble in the Emerging Markets paradise.


Manoj Pradhan
Manoj Pradhan, was most recently Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. He joined Morgan Stanley in 2005 after serving on the faculty of the George Washington University and the State University of New York. While at Morgan Stanley, Manoj worked on quantitative macroeconomics, emerging markets and global economics. He has a PhD in economics from the George Washington University and a Masters in Finance from the London Business School.
Patryk Drozdzik
Patryk Drozdzik was a Vice President at Morgan Stanley and a member of the global economics team he joined in 2010. His thematic research focused primarily on Emerging Markets and was recognised for his work on (out of sync) business cycles, (two speed) consumption-investment dynamics and EM external exposure (i.e. EM Heat-map). Patryk holds a Masters degree in Economics from Boston College and B.A. in Economics and Business Management from Stony Brook University.



Manoj Pradhan


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Patryk Drozdzik

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